CucoTV Not Working, No Data Available, No Links & All

CucoTV has won the hearts of millions of people by providing the latest movies TV shows for free. There are a lot of applications that do the same such as Netflix, Prime, HBO, and others, but they ask for a monthly based subscription fee.

Although you can find many apps or websites on the internet to download the latest content, they often don’t have the best quality videos. So, this is where CucoTV comes to save your time and energy. It provides an easy way to search through hundreds of movies & TV shows and helps you out to find the content you like to watch. In this blog, we’ll give you a brief introduction of CucoTV with its features, and then we’ll drive you through a couple of scenarios when the app doesn’t work with the detailed solution.


CucoTV is an online video streaming application where users can search for the latest movies, web series, and TV shows without any subscription. Here, you can watch the content in different languages and genres like Romance, Thriller, Action, Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi, and others. Also, you can download them on your devices to watch them offline.

CucoTV Features

Following are some of the best features of CucoTV applications:

  1. High-quality videos: The app provides multiple server links for every content so that you can watch or download it in varied qualities.
  2. External Media: On CucoTV, the user can stream the content on any media player, such as VL, MX, and others.
  3. Impressive UI: When it comes to the interface, there aren’t many free applications that focus to invest their time in it. However, CucoTV follows the footprints of a famous app like Terrarium TV.
  4. Completely free: CucoTV doesn’t demand any kind of subscription or registration to feature the latest content. Simply, download the apps from the links given below and watch unlimited content.
  5. Offline content: As discussed earlier, CucoTV allows the user to download and save the content offline, so you can watch the content offline or later in your meantime. You can download multiple files at the same time.
  6. Chromecast support: With the CucoTV, you can stream videos on different devices with the help of Chromecast or Roku devices. You’ll see this option before the streaming starts.

CucoTV not Working, Installation Error, and other Issues, Resolved

1. CucoTV links Available/No links Present

There are two ways to resolve the links not available or links present error


  • Launch the CucoTV app on your device and go to the settings from the menu bar.
  • Now set the source list refresh interval to 15 seconds. Now, select the Clear cache and exit from the application.
  • Relaunch the app and enjoy fresh links to the servers.


Another reason why the download links are not available could be the pending update of your app. So, please check there are any updates on the official website and install them on your device. This way you can get the latest working links for the latest content.

2. CucoTV No Data Issue

This is one of the most pressing issues that users face very often, which can be fixed in the following ways:


  • Go to the settings>> applications>> CucoTV and open the storage options.
  • Now, clear the cache, close the apps, and enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows.


  • Launch the app and go to the settings from the menu bar.
  • Again, as we did for the problem mentioned above, set the source list refresh interval to 15 or any number of seconds.
  • Click on Clear Cache and relaunch the app. If it’s still doesn’t work, then follow the third way to resolve the issue.


Uninstall the ad-blocker from your smartphone, if you have any. Sometimes, the ad-blockers may cause an issue of data unavailability. Therefore, remove the ad-blocker and resolve your issue.


If everything is alright and you have the latest version of the CucoTV app. However, if the problem still resides, check your internet connectivity, or the content is restricted from your geographical location.

You can bypass the restriction by using a free VPN service, which you can download from the play store. If the problem is not going anywhere, maybe the server links are not available at all. In this case, you can request the latest server links from the settings.

3. CucoTV Unable to Install

Try getting the latest version of the app from different links. For your convenience, I’ve mentioned the official download link from the CucoTV website. If the error remains, then get the older version of the app.

CucoTV crashed Issue, Not playing or streaming Issue

Way 1:

Use the latest version of CucoTV on your device, as the older ones may have some bugs. If this issue comes after you’ve updated the latest version, then remove it and install the previous version.

Way 2:

Before panicking up, check whether you are just not able to stream that content, or the same thing is happening with all other videos. If it’s happening for all the videos, then update or downgrade your CucoTV version. If this is happening for a particular video, then just try other servers or request an updated one.

Way 3:

If the app is crashing a lot, one reason could be that it’s not compatible with your device. In this case, just remove the app and install the older version by downloading the APK file from the website. If the problem occurs in the latest version, then downgrade your CucoTV app to the older one.

4. CucoTV Buffering Issue

Way 1

Forst of all, check your internet connection and the strength of your network. Also, try another server link in lower quality to confirm that your internet is working fine.

Way 2

If the problem is not your internet, it means that your ISP(Internet Service Provider) might have blocked the servers and hindering your entertainment by blocking third-party apps like CucoTV. Well, in that case, simply install a free VPN application, change your location, and enjoy your favorite movies & TV shows.

5. CucoTV Real-Debrid Not Working

Way 1

One reason for this problem could be that your app’s cache has been cleared. For that, go to the setting or account from CucoTV’s HomeScreen and see if you’ve signed out of your Real-Debrid account. if yes, then just sign in again. If not, remove the app, and log in to your account after reinstalling it.

6. CucoTV subtitles not playing/ no subtitles Error/ Subtitles not working


A lot of times users are not able to load, play, or download the subtitles files along with the movie or TV show. If you’re not able to find the subtitles from one server or player, just try with the different media player or server link.

Way 2

You added the subtitle file and got the notification for the same, but nothing is there on the screen except the video. if this is the case, go to the audio and subtitle options in your media player and see if you’ve enabled the subtitles options in it. If no, then turn it ON and all will be fine.

Way 3

At last, if your subtitles are not playing at all even after all the things are perfectly fine, then just change the server links and try finding the subtitles from that. One of the reasons why it could happen because a few subtitle files are not synchronized with the video content or server quality.


CucoTV is one of the best streaming platforms to watch your favorite and latest content for free. It has thousands of movies, TV shows, and web series which you can both stream and download on various devices. But as with any other application, the user might face some problems with the CucoTV app. We accumulated some frequently asked questions(FAQs) and errors about the CucoTV app with the solutions. So, check if your issue is listed here and find the solution for it.

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