8 Best CucoTV Alternatives – Similar Apps like CucoTV APK

Download Cuco TV APK for Movies and TV series, here are the some best alternatives of CucoTV app. With an impressive UI and excellent features, CucoTV has quickly become a popular streaming app for millions of people. It provides the latest movies and TV shows of different genres from the entertainment world.

CucoTV provides a video-on-demand list for the content of various categories like movies, web series, TV shows, anime, cartoon channels, and animated shows. Plus, you can request any content you want to be included or want updated links for the existing ones.

However, you may not be able to find some content on CucoTV for obvious reasons like server speed, link availability, and more. So, if you want to try out similar applications like this, here are 8 applications as the alternatives of CucoTV with legit that provides the best quality videos from legit sources.

CucoTV Alternatives

CyberFlix TV

It’s now been more than 2-3 years since Cyberflix was first launched on the internet. And it continues to provide the best quality movies and TV shows to millions of users. It’s a great app that provided the latest content with regular updates. Here, you can also download the videos on your device and watch them offline. All these features make Cuberflix TV a good replacement for the CucoTV app. Moreover, you can download it for both iOS and Android applications.

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is a one-stop solution for all the entertainment freaks looking for the latest movies & TV shows around the globe. The high-quality video servers give a whole new streaming experience on various devices. Also, the incredible inventory, lets you search the content offered by the different platforms on a single application.

Cat Mouse APK

If you’re tired of searching for the latest and your favorite videos on hundreds of websites, then you should consider using the Cat Mouse APK. It has an impressive UI that provides all the necessary features to enjoy the latest shows without showing irritating advertisements. With external media support, you can also play the videos on other devices through Chromecast and Roku.


BeeTV is yet another application to save your money and get a video-on-demand list for high-quality videos. In addition to the latest movies & TV shows, it also features anime, Korean drama, cartoon movies, and more. The extensive UI features zero advertisements and pop-up notifications, which means you won’t be interrupted while streaming your favorite content.


A lot of you might have heard about the famous Terrarium TV application that was removed by the developers due to copyright issues regardless of how simple and efficient the User-interface was. Well, CineHub is technically a successor of that application, which means you can now enjoy the same features and cool UI outlook without extensively searching on the internet for other apps.

Syncler App

Syncler is one of the most underrated streaming apps out there on the internet. The app is fairly new in the market, but it does provide regular updates so that you never bored out of the platform. Also, you can request any content if it’s not published or the existing ones aren’t working, and the developers’ will update the latest one within a couple of hours. Now, you don’t have to burn out pants out of money to get the latest entertainment on your devices.

Typhoon TV

Forget about the amount of content those premium applications offer, they won’t even allow the user to sign in to the devices more than the preferred limit as per your subscription plan. However, on apps like Typhoon TV, you don’t have to even register to watch the latest movies and TV shows for free. So, CucoTV doesn’t work, or the speed is not good, you can check out apps like Typhoon TV and others.

UnlockmyTV APK

This app is by far the oldest, free-streaming application compared to anyone mentioned above. It would be a smooth experience for you to try out the latest content on UnlockmyTV and add the ones you like, in different playlists. You can even stream several live TV channels and say good to your old-school satellite connections. In addition, users can read movie plots, check ratings, and go through reviews written by other users.

Final Words

There are hundreds of such applications and streaming services out there claiming to provide the best ‘content’ with no ads whatsoever. However, not all of them are good. Some might even spy on your personal data. So, it’s necessary that you go for the apps mentioned above, as they existed on the internet for a while now with a good track record. so, feel free to download one of these applications if CucoTV doesn’t work or any content is not available.

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